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07 August 2020
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Salt Moss Aging Cave


With over a decade completed, we are still proud of the original morals and the foundation blocks of Kettyle: "PASSION KNOWLEDGE CRAFTSMANSHIP".

Our vision is still the same with creativity exuding from our new Atelier Range.

We are the original "Dry Aged Company", but our hunger for innovation has seen us recently investing in, and patenting, our Salt Moss Aging Cave. This unique process is an industry first and is fully IP protected.

Kettyle was borne from passion, curriosity, and the quest to create a brand that is Irish by Nature, transparent with the integrity and respect of Ireland's greatest asset, it's people. It's the cult of Flat Cap, welly wearing farmers, with a fascination for Red Massey Fergusons, that are the custodians of our land and will always be called Ireland. It is our passion through "sustainability", to be part of our grass bearing country's history and to lend a hand to our partners to diversifiy and produce excellence, time and time again.

Through the integrity of our partner "Linden Livestock", a 100 and 150 day "Corn Fed" management system has been added, allowing us to create two subsidiary brands that deliver consistency and real points of difference. Our "Senior" and "Yearling" ranges give diversities that are sustainable and show the strong investment in our joint history.

 As much grass as we grow, the quality of our grain adds value and consistency to the animals that are often deemed as by products within our industry.

From Nose To Tail

From "Nose To Tail" the "animal complete" deserves the reverence of entire utilisation. The maturation, the craft and knowledge of yesteryear butchery cuts leads to a much more exciting catalogue of butchery that will lead Kettyle into the next decade. Through "Respect" of life we will continue to earn our reputation as trend setters, at the same time taking nothing for granted...


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